"We must become the change we want to see in the world."

Mohandas Gandhi

An assessment determines the strength of your board and areas needing improvement

A powerful, energetic board clearly shows a strong, healthy organization. To ensure a well-organized board, the best nonprofits conduct a periodic check-up of the overall board and its individual members. Doing a periodic review is much like creating a strategic plan. The ability to review what the board does well, what each member knows about the organization, where they feel the board needs support, all give an indication of what skills and talents the board needs to fulfill the organization's mission. A review ensures the nonprofit's continued success.

Sandi Consulting guides your Board though a thorough self and overall board assessment. Results of this self-assessment process gives each board member an indication of their strengths and the areas needing improvement. The review of the overall board helps define what skills and talents the board needs to bring in via new board members. If new board membership is not the answer, it allows the board to determine what additional training needs to take place to strengthen the organization.