"There are many wonderful things that will never be done if you don't do them."

Charles D. Gill

  • Creating a new nonprofit
  • Strategic planning
  • Board assessment
  • Fundraising
  • Web and marketing

The need to resolve an issue, affecting the public, often leads to the discussion of creating a nonprofit.  Setting up Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, filing with all the appropriate State and Federal departments seems overwhelming. Sandi Consulting discusses with those concerned, whether the resolution of the issue is for public, mutual or private benefit.  The determination of benefit leads those concerned (possibly the incorporators) into an informed decision about creating a new nonprofit.  With every new corporation, Sandi Consulting easily guides and supports the incorporators through the entire process. Learn more 

Sandi Consulting guides your board and any other determined stakeholders through a process to create a defined direction for your nonprofit.  A strategic plan is the roadmap to help you stay on course to resolving the issue.  It takes a bit of time to create the plan and a change in the way the board conducts business, yet the plan helps solidify and empower the board to work efficiently.  Learn more

After a year or two,  the board should take time to reflect if they continue to view the nonprofit as a benefit to the public.  Does everyone understand the mission, vision, values and goals? Is the commitment level equal across the board or are a few doing the work for everyone? Sandi Consulting guides your board through a quick self and board assessment.  After the review, the board determines what if any action needs to be taken. Learn more

One of the most important tasks and the least favorite among boards is raising funds.  Second to public speaking and third to death, most would rather not discuss or participate in the fund raising process.  However, two main tasks all nonprofit boards must do is fund raising and policy setting.  If you commit to a nonprofit board, that commitment includes raising funds.  Some board members participate in the ask, some in securing sponsors, some dip into their own pockets, and some donate many hours to the nonprofit.  Whatever your feelings about raising funds, nonprofits need money!  Sandi Consulting helps you strategize the best wy to reach your financial goals, whether it be through donors, grants, sponsors and/or events. Learn more

Every nonprofit needs a web presence.  Websites need to be full of information about the nonprofit, support a means for fund and friend raising, and must be continually updated.  However, the days of just a web presence isn’t enough.  Social networks, blogs, and e-blasts are equally important.  Sandi Consulting reviews your mission and goals to determine the best type of internet presence, creating or reviewing your website, your blogs and social network pages.  Are you reaching the right target? Learn more