A native of San Diego, I attended San Diego State University with a bachelor's degree in Public Administration. Using the education, I served in several leadership roles on various community governing boards.  In 1996, California Assemblymember Susan Davis recognized me as the 76th District's Woman of the Year for my problem solving, leadership, and ability to connect diverse populations. 

I created and developed successful programs leading devoted volunteers to educate their neighbors on code enforcement violations, training tutors and foster care parents in ways to help children be successful in school, and began helping others to commit to their charitable priorities in a variety of ways and in a variety of interests. 

I began the assistance in guiding and assisting the formation of charitable non-profits for volunteers who were already doing charitable work. Over the years, I've helped establish twenty California charitable non-profits and one Michigan nonprofit.

I love helping people direct their passions in a productive way helping society

Sandi Buehner