"You make a living by what you get. You make a life by what you give."

Winston Churchill

Individual Donors:

A small group of individual donors add greatly to a nonprofit.  Great nonprofits have an individual donor base contributing 80 % of the nonprofit’s income.  Developing a solid donor base takes time, effort and patience.  However, this is the best source of funding.  Should an economic downturn affect all your other funding sources, the individual donors help get you through the tough periods.  People who support your organization as volunteers often donate if asked.  People who attend your events, often donate if asked.  People who use your services or recommend your services often donate if asked.  The key to successful donor building is the ASK!   Sandi Consulting helps you set up an individual donor plan. 

Grant writing:

Grants offer additional funding to nonprofits.  Basing all of your fundraising on grants presents obstacles when grantors change their funding emphasis or grant giving dollars are reduced.   Grants do present solid ways to gain money for individual programs.  To qualify for most grants, a nonprofit must show an experienced, solid organization.  Building a rapport with grantors assists nonprofits when analyzing the best match for funding a program.  Sandi Consulting offers assistance in reviewing the best possible matches and offers grant writing support. 


Events offer a chance to show off your successes and build new organizational friends and volunteers.  They publicize and promote an organization, building awareness.   When planned correctly, events bring much needed funds.  As there are many types of events, Sandi Consulting assists the board in deciding upon the right event for your organization.  Sandi Consulting continually focuses the boards goal of raising funds, while building strong relations with donors and volunteers.  Link to Events page


Many businesses offer opportunities to support nonprofits, the difficulty is finding a perfect match for sponsorship.  Do you approach corporate sponsors?  Do you approach small businesses?  What can you offer them for their sponsorship?  Is it enough to support a program or event?  Corporations give millions of dollars, expecting a significant public relations benefit.  Small businesses need to see immediate financial benefit, or need to strongly support the mission of the nonprofit.  Sandi Consulting works with the board to determine best sponsorship practices.  Sandi Consulting recognizes sponsorships are a business deal, promoting both the nonprofit and the business. 

Sandi Consulting

Services offered:

  1. Donor letters
  2. Donor loyalty
  3. Grant Research
  4. Grant Writing
  5. Events
  6. Sponsorships