Get a sheet of paper and answer these questions:

1.         State in one or two sentences the issue or need for forming a nonprofit.

2.         Have you researched other nonprofits in your area dealing with this same issue/need? 
Y move to 3  if no, move to A.

  1. Which nonprofits in your area deal with this issue?
  2. Why are they not a good fit for you and your version of the solution?
  3. Why do you think they were unsuccessful in dealing with this cause?
  4. Have you spoken with them about your concerns? 
  5. If no, talk with them, if they are not interested in your concern, move to question 3.

3.         Have you done research to see if this cause would be of interest to others?
Y       move to 4, No do the research. 

4.         How many are willing to work for the cause and/or help create a nonprofit?

5.         Do you personally expect to make money off this issue? 
If yes, you might wish to consider a for profit venture. 
If no, move onto 7.

6.         How much time can you dedicate to this issue? 

7.         From what source will the money come to start the nonprofit? 

Are you still interested in forming a nonprofit?  If you still wish to move forward, Sandi Consulting guides you through the steps starting with a meeting to review your answers to the questionnaire, and how, when and where you move next.