"The time is always right to do what is right."

Martin Luther King Jr.

Should you create a new nonprofit?

Nonprofits require dedication, determination, money and a will to resolve an issue.   While not terribly expensive to create, a nonprofit’s yearly costs frequently are more than expected.  One such expense, acquiring Board of Directors Insurance, protects the board from errors and omissions.  The main goal of every nonprofit created is to work to resolve an issue.  Consider these questions before moving forward:

  • Might joining an established nonprofit addressing the same issue better utilize your time and efforts?
  • Might your fund raising efforts cover the cost of the insurance, but not allow you to address the issue

If "No" answers both questions, then forming a new nonprofit might offer a solution. Sandi Consulting helps you make an informed decision about moving forward, then takes you through the entire process from start to finish.

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Some past clients:

Nurtured by Nature
Stephen's Soldiers
San Diego Filmmakers
Montezuma Economic Development Corporation
San Diego Film Commission Foundation
SoCal Media Pros
SD Media Pros
Breaking the Silence Together
All Girls STEM Society
Coding the Future
Intertwined Conservation
A Face of Change
Rainforest Animal Rescue

Los Angeles Professional Children’s School
Youth Theatre Conservatory
Post 700 AMVETS
Researchers Implementing Conservation Action


Sandi Consulting:

Steps to creating your nonprofit

  1. Meeting to review who will begin the process, who will be incorporators, and who will be on the board.
  2. Write Articles of Incorporation and file with the Secretary of State.
  3. Write Bylaws.
  4. File with Federal Government for Letter of Determination.
  5. File with State Government for Letter of Determination.
  6. File with additional appropriate State agencies.
  7. Create Corporate Notebook.